The POWER of helping others



Is it normal for someone to be depressed, angry and frustrated (sometimes with no reason)?

Is it normal for someone to feel great and good about life with no reason?

It seems normal to our society to find someone depressed and angry all the time rather than finding someone happy and feeling great only because they feel like so, and it is a motive to think that they are crazy because that is the paradigm that all of us have been programmed.

When you’re angry, you will only find more things that make you angry. When you’re sad you’ll only get things that make you sadder and miserable. Unconsciously you are training yourself to be frustrated all the time, do you see it?

What happen then if you train yourself to be happy? Yes!! You will naturally find MORE things that make you cheerful, excited and even healthier.

This doesn’t mean you won’t get angry or sad but means that you will not allow yourself to REMAIN in that state. We achieve this by creating HABITS as I earlier wrote in my last post and we create habits by practicing them every day as a routine (I’ll talk deeper on this great topic in my next posts)

We are here to ENJOY life. We weren’t born to work all the time, don’t you think? We were born to make others life’s better, we were born to serve and I will explain to you a bit about all this.

Whether you’re building your new business or already working for a company and in your daily life, serving others and giving them value, solving their problems in a specific topic or situation, will help YOU grow in all ways and lead you to SUCCESS. When you help others, even a tiny thing such as giving back a greeting to someone, you will feel INSTANTLY better and even proud of yourself. When you give without expecting something in return many good things happen to you the same day and a lot of them you don’t notice it!

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With a little practice and a lot of patience, we can make ourselves the tools in bringing assistance and love to those who need it most.


So, let me present you 5 easy ways (out of millions) to help others that will be gratifying for you, will make your day better even if you are a stay home parent or working at the office or building your own business. Helping others and giving them value is the KEY to success in anything that you are doing. It really opens doors in your path.


Relax your face and smile at others, smile to your neighbor, smile to your colleagues (whenever is the occasion) if you are walking on the street and unintentionally you hit someone, you can apologize and also smile at him/her. Nearly everyone responds to a smile and it makes you and the other person feel better immediately.


It’s a wonderful way to serve someone else when you let them talk first, express their ideas (if you are a parent this apply to your kids) and if they had the same idea as you, instead of stating that, you can simply tell them, “That is a great idea!”. Be a good listener and compliment others opinion as well.


I really love this one! One of the easiest ways to help others is to simply share your knowledge. You don’t have to be in front of a classroom to teach. Every day there is an opportunity to educate someone about your area of expertise. The key is to keep educating yourself so you can stay on step forward.


People rarely feel appreciated enough even though it is incredibly easy to do.  Practice expressing what you appreciate about someone and do it loud so they hear it and perhaps others will hear the same, share more or learn from you to do the same.


We all have our own ideas but how often do you reinforce and encourage someone else’s idea. Mention their business name or link in an article or at work give the credit to the person who helped you in that presentation. Just one more way to serve and build others up.



So let’s start helping others by sharing this article!

Thank you so much for taking your time reading my blog.

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