Where is our place in the world, who we really are? PART I

We are all travellers in this world1.png

Hello my dear friends, today I want to share with all of you this beautiful and deep subject that I have decided to bring in 2 parts because is extensive and have many details that I don’t want to miss or leave apart.

We are energy, and the energy doesn’t destroy itself but TRANSFORM.

Sometimes we can feel lost and maybe we remain in that “lost” state for a long time. Often we tend to think that life doesn’t have any sense but we have to learn that only we have the power to change our perspective, only us have the power to change our state of mind and choose another way and we do have a motive to be on this earth and hopefully I can help you find it by the end of this reading.

We always put excuses “I’m too old” “is not worthy” “what would others say” “it’s too late” “it’s too early”

Our souls are forever young and this is enough reason for you to do whatever you love, to spend the time with the ones you love.

Life isn’t worthy to spend it on fighting.

We have to realize the value of every moment. Our kids won’t be small all life, they’ll grow up and change.

Why fighting with parents? They are not going to be with us forever.

Everything in our lives depends on decisions, you’re always making decisions in your life, some are very easy like deciding what to have for lunch and others are more transcendent like to leave your work or not and this means that you can change the course of your life at any moment.

We are all travellers in this world1 (1).png

I want you to think about this question… If you wouldn’t need the money, will you go to work? Simply you would not go anymore. When you don’t have the motive to do something, well… you stop doing it, so if you are here is because you have a motive, a reason, but you don’t remember it. Your heart beats every single second because you are telling it that you want to be here!

The decision to be sick, you make it.
The decision of being healthy, you make it.
You have the power by your decisions, by your brain that is our most powerful weapon, your destiny depends only on YOU.


We always want the well-being in everybody, we have an inner instinct to save others and ourselves. If you see someone besides you, walking on the street, and there is a hole in his or her way is very likely that you will say something to avoid an accident.

We want to be healthy, we want to work to have money and to feel we’re serving society, you want friends to share good times, you go to doctor when you’re sick because you want to feel better, we always reach for wellness every time, perhaps the result isn’t that you are better but your intention and what you’re aiming is to achieve the maximum wellness of yourself.

What I want to tell you is that everything you choose to do is for your best, always aiming to your happiness, you didn’t come to this world to suffer but to be happy and the quantity of happiness that you feel right now depends on the quantity of LOVE that you are sharing with others

We are all travellers in this world1 (2).png

To be happy, simply you have to make your decisions being the reflection of what you love the most. Listen to your heart the most of the times you can possibly do.

B e  H a p p y    B e   H e a l t h y

Till my next post,
Monica Sue.


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