Where is our place in the world, who we really are? PART II



Hello, my dear reader, this is the continuation from “Where is our place in the world, who we really are? PART I”

All your life is based on the reasons you have to stay alive, your kids, your family, the person you love, your job; and only by expressing your love for them you can be happy. If you don’t express your love for the things or people you love so you simply can’t be happy.

You must be around the people you really like and love, you must do the job you really enjoy doing.



Your love is unique, no one in the world will love the exact same things you do, something that you hate, another person would die for it. And this is what makes you as you are. You can not love everything with the same intensity, the same way humans can not all have the same personalities and characteristics.

Love is the force that moves the universe.

God loves absolutely everything, He created all that exist. He can not move throughout the universe He is the universe! But you don’t, you are only a piece, and that gives you freedom, the same as your personality, and this is amazing! How every each of us can offer what we have because every one of us are unique!


I want you to do the next exercise with complete honesty to yourself, perhaps you could grab a pen and paper and answer this simple question: What do you REALLY love? What is what you really like to do? Detailed it as much as you can, take a minute or two for this.

Done? Sure?

If you may remember my last post, your life is based on your decisions and everything you do is aiming to your well-being, so now it’s the time to put the pieces together; if you have been honest with yourself, what you have written is exactly your reason to be here. You came to this world to express your love and to do what you love, and what you wrote is what you love and where you have to put your effort with.

So now, life is not easy and is not always shining, we have upside downs naturally and it’s because we walk on the other side… when you are doing things you don’t love but you have to do them because of work or to make someone else happy.

Remember that our brain doesn’t decide for us, our brain CREATES and it’s always our heart the one taking the decisions. There is no right or wrong for the brain, whatever it is he will find the way. It’s within our hearts that we find the answers and the right way.

B e  H a p p y   B e  H e a l t h y

Thank you for being here,

Till my next post

Monica Sue.













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