My Wishes

By Monica Sue Velasquez

What I wish (1).png


Hello my friends and my new friends, today I have been reading and discovering new blogs and wonderful people with so many different beautiful things to share. We all are different and UNIQUE and although we can find similarities among us, we all have that something that makes us just us.

Today I find myself checking out my notebook (I carry a notebook where I write my goals and plan my day) and I gladly noticed how from few days ago I actually accomplished every goal I set up and to be honest is a very nice feeling that push you to make other goals and encourage you to ask yourself more because you can do all that you want to. 

It is what my blog is about and what I wish for, so I have decided to make it public my wishes and goals for the next months so that I can attain to it and feel motivated to make new accomplishments! And hopefully encourage more people to set goals and wishes that WILL COME TRUE. Everything that you are now was once a thought; the place you are living or the things you have, you have them because a while ago they were a thought or idea in your brain. You need to sit and write down your goals and vision of life and discover your purpose the “why” that drives your emotions and keep you living.

Here’s my list for the next 2 -3 months:

1- To know 100 new bloggers.

2- To reach 100 people becoming my followers to encourage them in achieving their goals.

3- To have my own website that will allow me to established my brand.

4- Write and publish an inspirational book.

Next month or two I will come back and happily I will find all this list done and maybe some new goals 🙂


What are your goals?

I hope to hear from you.


See you around and have a peaceful day!

Monica Sue






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