How do we attract what we want?

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How do we attract what we want?

By Monica Sue Velasquez

Since I was a teenager (some years ago ;)) I used to write a lot, I was noticing something strange but at the same time amazing while in the process of writing and getting inspired. Yet in this time of growing up, I wasn’t knowing anything at all about the law of attraction or anything near like that. What was happening was that as I was writing fiction stories and novels, I was totally concentrated and focused (in my brain) on the scenes, the colors, some background music,  the characters, the situations… I could imagine everything as a movie and it was pretty real and thrilling. Some of the stories I was writing had descriptions of things that I deeply wanted either to have or to happen to me like to be in a specific place, or to have a specific kind of bedroom, things of teenagers.

So I started noticing something strange for me at that time after writing my stories, I was achieving things that I wanted and later I realized that I wrote some of them; but it wasn’t only because of the writing it was something even more powerful… The emotions! Which I understood years later after discovering and practicing that so many called the law of attraction that I personally don’t like to call it this way but by saying we attract what we want.

Now is not a secret for anybody anymore and we need to know how this apply for us, although this post isn’t about teaching but about showing how do you attract things to your life.

Have you notice when you want to start a new business or activity or you wish to write and publish a book for example and you are focused and concentrated towards what you want, you soon start getting perhaps advice, meeting new people that already have done what you want, you start listening or seeing more about that activity or object that you are pursuing, it’s pretty much like a magnet and this is what make it exciting and gives you the feeling that you are on your way to get it.

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Everything around us right now was once a thought, that means that everything you want now will be a reality later if you stick to it with perseverance. It’s true that we want a lot of things, all at the same time, but if you know yourself well, there are fewer things that you die for having or accomplish. Right now in this moment you have something inside that you need to make come true as soon as possible, perhaps a business idea around your mind or whatever is what your heart desires.

If you want to make it reality you got to be as a teenager again, kids and teenagers don’t see the impossible, for them everything is possible.

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Remember that our minds CREATE and our hearts LEAD. There is no right or wrong for the mind, whatever your heart (feelings and emotions) decide, your mind will find a way to make it. And because our feelings and emotions are leading, we have to enroll the game together. We need to elevate our energy and vibrations because we are energy, you should remember this by far so that our emotions will send to our mind the directions to make what we want possible.

How can we improve our energy and speed up the process of attraction?

It is indeed very easy

  1. Don’t over think it. Don’t push it. Yes, we want the new iPhone but it takes some time to save that money. Let it flow with the next steps.
  2. Be grateful for the things you ALREADY have. By being truly grateful you boost your energy and vibrations.
  3. ENJOY the good music, that music which makes you feel in good mood, the smell of ground coffee (if you are a coffee lover) feel the smell through your brain, enjoy that smell as well as the smell of flowers. This elevates your vibration. Wear clothes with your favorite colors if you’d like, yellow and green are wonderful colors, perhaps you can set a sunflower as your wallpaper on your laptop or phone, the important thing is that you fill yourself with the POSITIVITY that all this brings

Be conscious that when you are enjoying the things you like such as aromas, colors, music, enjoying with your kids and loves ones, this elevates your energy and vibrations, and unconsciously (but conscious) you are attracting what you desire.

  1. And more important, make whatever you can to work towards what you want. You can not obtain it now because perhaps you don’t have the money or the expertise but every small step that you do focusing and concentrating on it, is a step closer. YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING YOU WANT.


Warm regards,

Monica Sue.



3 thoughts on “How do we attract what we want?”

    1. Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed. My goal is to make this subject easy and applicable to all of us without so many secrets and the key is to be happy with yourself right now to let the rest of the things flow. Have a great day!


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