Behind Blogging

Hello my dear blogger friends, 

For the first time since I am blogging I am using my phone to write as I always do it from the laptop.

This “behind blogging” is a blog post about what happen when I am not writing and today’s 1st attempt is brought to you by the amazing Internet connexion I am lacking of 😑😑

No Internet = No life πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜•

Everything we do depends on the Internet nowadays. Is really crazy what happen when you notice that you don’t have signal. I go running to check the router, I change to mobile data all worry and stressed because the signal is weak and instantly I start thinking about the people I always communicate with. Don’t we all experience something like this? Is stressing πŸ˜₯

Internet is a window to the world, I personally can’t imagine life without it. It feels like the window has been closed and everything is dark ( kind of catastrophic view πŸ™ˆ) but everything is connected and I think we need Internet specially for those who has businesses or far from home away from family and friends, to be updated about the news in the world and about what’s trending, ideas for cooking, for your blog, to listen to music and podcasts… so many things.

Definitely Internet is a big deal

I wish I can encourage more people to do a “behind blogging” to tell a little bit of what is going on in non writing life 😊
See you around! 

Monica Sue.


6 thoughts on “Behind Blogging”

  1. I share your anguish when the signal disappears! It’s aways at an inconvenient moment — well, they’re ALL inconvenient moments for the internet to vanish. lol

    There are some bloggers I’ve found who write about their daily lives as though they’re keeping a diary, and none of them seem to be worried about the quality of the writing. Are you finding only Writers?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Sue! Thank you so much for the follow!! We share the same name 😊
      In reply to your comment, I find as well bloggers who keeps a diary and I also find writers. I think that there have to be a balance. Personally I write about motivational and inspirational content and I don’t keep diaries. What do you like the most?


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