Our very first walk. A Walk to remember



I was amazed by this story and I feel I must share it so that more people can be inspired and encouraged to spread kindness and help the one in need.


There he was, ahead of me, carrying his plastic green bag, searching for empty clean cans and bottles we threw away around the streets. It appears he is picking them up, collecting one at a time all along the way trying not to leave one astray. On track this heart stayed, following […]

via Walk #01: Our Very First Walk — Cezane Connects


3 thoughts on “Our very first walk. A Walk to remember”

  1. Once again, thank you so much for this!This means so much to me! Every reblog to me counts as my efforts have managed to reach someones heart deep and the feeling of seeing, that i managed to have one, it means like the world to me! I will try and bring that feeling to you too dear friend by shedding in consistent love at your blog, your a wise soul!

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