A welcome to you



This is a BIG welcome for you that are reading this, my first post.

I am now starting my journey into this project of helping others to find their path in life, in a healthier and happier way that anybody can easily get. A journey that I have made on my own (and I’m still doing) but first, let me tell you a bit about myself right now.

Since I was a little girl, in my first years of secondary school, I used to write a lot. I was writing novels, dialogues and short stories, imagining that someday I was going to be able to write a book and publish it. This kind of dream that every kid has, I saw it like something fantastic… to have my book written by me, with a beautiful cover, standing in front of all bookstores…  Ohh that really sounded fantastic to me… but the truth is, that I never made it and I wish now I have kept all that mountain of writings to edit them and publish them in a modern way with the help of internet that has grown so much in the past 15 years.

As you can see, I somehow gave up, as I was growing up, but the dream has always been there… hidden… but there.

Through ups and downs of my life (as everybody does) I am now a 32 years old mother of a wonderful daughter, worked for a petroleum and oil trade company  for a couple of years, moved to another country far from my family, a new whole language, a real life changing experience, like when you want to go away from the place where you currently are, to start FROM ZERO where nobody knows you, believe me, you might be said that to yourself couple of times but is way big difference between saying it than when you actually do it.

I have found some difficulties in the way that I have passed. I have struggled with deep depression, I have spent a significant time of my life being negative and what happens when you spend your life this way for a long time is that you are only getting more depressive and more negative.

I want to tell you that there comes a time when YOU know that you have to take control of YOUR life and take control of the situation, so this time came for me and it’s what I want to show you throughout my next posts.

I want to take you on a journey that will be the MOST  amazing experience and  your life will STOP being the same in a blink of an eye through some AWESOME simple techniques that will blow your mind away and will instantly put you in the right way to start building your new-self in a way that you weren’t even imagining was possible!

In the next days, I will be posting some AMAZING tips that will take you out of your chair and will force you to do something for you. Because that is the reason for what I do and what I want others to practice, sharing my knowledge to help others stuck or passing through hard experiences that might have left them out of the right side of HAPPINESS  that is the only path we all are supposed and deserved to BE.

Because this was only a welcome to you and something to get to know me a little bit before I start revealing some AMAZING secrets about getting a healthier and happier life that YOU deserve.

Till next time,
Wish you all the best,

Monica Sue.
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