Our very first walk. A Walk to remember



I was amazed by this story and I feel I must share it so that more people can be inspired and encouraged to spread kindness and help the one in need.


There he was, ahead of me, carrying his plastic green bag, searching for empty clean cans and bottles we threw away around the streets. It appears he is picking them up, collecting one at a time all along the way trying not to leave one astray. On track this heart stayed, following […]

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How to motivate yourself when you aren’t motivated at all

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Well… Let’s fix this situation right now


I know from first hand that sometimes it is just too difficult to keep going… you feel all your life is crap immerse on depression, failure, lack of money, debts, and while so many people stay stuck on that, others manage it to escape. Every one of us has been depressed and unmotivated for a period of time, it’s exhausting and you only attract more of the bad feelings and situations. Seems a never ending story but you need to get out of that crappy state because no one will help you but yourself.

All these stories about being positive attract positive, think positive, stay positive, all these stuff is in fact TRUE. In the beginning may be hard and almost impossible to get out of your slump but as you practice it will be easier to change your negativity for a better thought for what you must stop beating yourself up saying how unproductive and lazy you are.

FIRST of all, you gotta have the guts to get out of this wrong and unhealthy state. NOTHING will change until you give the first step and start putting some action. Stop feeling pity about yourself, no one cares about it and you need to do what you gotta do. Get up from your chair and start doing. PUT ACTION. We all face obstacles. How you deal with those obstacles defines who you are and determines how successful you are in life.

SECOND of all, we only have one life and our period on this earth is very short to waste it by living from the opinions that others have about us or living someone else’s life. We need to be authentic and do what our hearts tells us to do; it is in there where’s  hidden our true meaning of life. Heart decides and brain makes it happen.

Now follow this easy steps to help you get away from that slump and keep going with your purpose of life.

Remember, ONLY YOU can get up and get out of this miserable feeling.

  1. EAT something healthy like nuts or fruits. Take a vitamin supplement. This will boost your immune system, so much better tan Red-Bull.
  2. Take a shower and take your time. Imagine you are letting all of your worries going out your body.
  3. DO SOME KIND OF WORKOUT. Go for a short or long walk and make sure you bring your headphones and your favorite uplifting music, something that gets you dancing.
  4. Call that friend you can always count and you feel great with, after every conversation.
  5. PRACTICE GRATITUDE. If you are around people think about something you appreciate about them and tell them. Also, think about those things you are grateful for. To be grateful fills you with happiness and happiness is motivating.
  6. Take only 10 min of your day. Great phone apps are “Calm” and “headspace”. Mindfulness and awareness of yourself help you in this hard moments of low-esteem and slump. TRY IT.
  7. SHARE TIME with your family and friends that lift up your wellbeing.
  8. Pick up your phone and go watch your favorite show on youtube. Ellen Degeneres is so good at changing your mood real fast. You should go check her out.
  9. LOCK yourself in a room and get your shit done and don’t go out till you make some progress. Write, create, complete.
  10. NOW PCP = Patience – Consistency – Passion. The way to stay motivated and be successful is by feeling passion for what you do. Focus on your tasks and think about the positive outcomes that bring after achieving them. Setting goals for the current day, writing them down will help you to get things done. Think about what you like or enjoy of doings these tasks. Be patience and be consistent.

Push yourself to do all these steps. You are the owner of your destiny, you decide to let go, you decide to forgive yourself, you decide what your priorities are and if something is not working out well, if you are doing something that you don’t like because it has to be done, suck it up, hurry up and continue working for YOUR goals.


***** Look yourself in a mirror and ask yourself what the heck is it what you wanna do for the rest of your life, AND DO THAT *****


If you find this post helpful don’t hesitate and share it with someone you think can need it 🙂

Wish you all the best,

Monica Sue.

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What the heck with Pokemon Go!?

Hello, my dear readers, after a month of absence I am coming back here and stumbled my face with this absurd news about two parents that just left their 2 years old son ALONE for around 1 and a half hour, I mean, this is unbelievable, just because of playing this game.

I know that many people are addicted to this game right now, not my case, but is proven now that is going out of control for some.

I leave you guys with the original news from TIME.



Have a great day

Monica Sue.

An Arizona couple allegedly abandoned their toddler to play Pokémon Go, according to police. The couple, Brent Daley, 27, and Brianna Daley, 25, of San Tan Valley Arizona were charged with child neglect and child endangerment after allegedly leaving their 2-year-old child alone for more than 90 minutes last Thursday night to play the popular…

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Sorry Is All That You Can Say, Years Gone By And Still, Words Don’t Come Easily Like Sorry.

A helping hand ☺🌹

On The Right Path

It’s hard to think of a positive when you ask people around you for the smallest bit of help and get absolutely nothing in return.  Tonight I asked friends, loved ones and followers to take 1 second to hit a share button and got not one single response. Not one person could take the most minuscule amount of time to support my request.

I have written this blog for two weeks and only two people have shown any indication of support and positivity towards my writing.

It’s disheartening and I’m not to proud to admit it has me in tears.

I am trying to justify it, people are busy, people don’t sit with the internet in front of them as much as I do. People perhaps are just to polite to admit they aren’t that interested in what I have to say.

While I am fully aware that is rooted…

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Behind Blogging

Hello my dear blogger friends, 

For the first time since I am blogging I am using my phone to write as I always do it from the laptop.

This “behind blogging” is a blog post about what happen when I am not writing and today’s 1st attempt is brought to you by the amazing Internet connexion I am lacking of 😡😡

No Internet = No life 😶😕

Everything we do depends on the Internet nowadays. Is really crazy what happen when you notice that you don’t have signal. I go running to check the router, I change to mobile data all worry and stressed because the signal is weak and instantly I start thinking about the people I always communicate with. Don’t we all experience something like this? Is stressing 😥

Internet is a window to the world, I personally can’t imagine life without it. It feels like the window has been closed and everything is dark ( kind of catastrophic view 🙈) but everything is connected and I think we need Internet specially for those who has businesses or far from home away from family and friends, to be updated about the news in the world and about what’s trending, ideas for cooking, for your blog, to listen to music and podcasts… so many things.

Definitely Internet is a big deal

I wish I can encourage more people to do a “behind blogging” to tell a little bit of what is going on in non writing life 😊
See you around! 

Monica Sue.